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The Way of Blessing

Chinese medicine | Flower acupuncture | Herbs & supplements | Life coaching

My healing work is rooted in my Mexican maternal side of my family, my mother had the gift of "laying on of hands" which is  a way of describing a healing blessing or presence transmitted through the practitioner that is a catalyst  for both physical healing and spiritual transformation.  

I bring this healing presence to each session I do while simultaneously practicing the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, new methods of Flower Acupuncture for emotional balancing, and transformational life coaching I call Sacred Adventure Coaching based  on Joseph Campbell's  hero's journey.

We all need both encouragement and accountability in our efforts to make changes. Inevitably we also hit obstacles, fears, and resistance. A heroic path coaching model gives a map to guide you as you embark on your Sacred Adventure to make life and health changes. Coaching support is an essential component to making healing changes in our life become our new way of being.

I am also the creator of Mamashine,  a holistic postpartum resource which includes articles and e-courses to help support new mother's in the first two years postpartum. My mother and  I both experienced birth complications and postpartum depression. Mamashine was born out of  our healing from these experiences.

Austin: Mondays 10-7pm 
Virtual Sessions: Tuesday-Friday
$150 initial session - $90 follow up

Centrally located in Austin, TX near UT, Dell University Hospital and I35.

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Mariana is a gifted healer and it come’s through in her unique and effective practice of acupuncture. She uses a brilliant and clear intuitive guidance to inform her understanding of the successful application of acupuncture in her treatments. Because of her approach I not only experienced a notable physical healing but also received permanent relief from a spiritual and emotional wounding.  I highly recommend her for her great balanced approach to healing.

Kowecha S., Austin, TX 

I have only met a few people who have the capacity to truly hold others in a space beyond judgement. Mari has this ability and in that space everything that needs to shift is free to do so.

Brigita L., Taos, NM

On the recommendation of a friend I went to Mariana because of chronic pain in my leg and hip after a knee replacement surgery that my regular doctor could neither explain nor relieve. I found the experience with her and exposure to a "whole person" medical model most interesting.

Mariana had a way of "listening" to my body as it tried to explain the pain. Listening was the general approach she took. She listened to my words with intuition, about stresses and failures and fears,  and to my body, my organs and energy fields, with her finger tips.

The needle treatments were painless and the herbal prescription she gave helped heal the post surgical pain that wasn't resolving. And the pain, after about ten treatments and two months of herbal treatment, disappeared and has never returned. I think Mariana is a gifted healer.

Harvey M., Cape Cod, MA

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