Flower Acupuncture & Flower Essences

Our emotional body is deeply intertwined with our physical body. Many health issues have emotional patterns that either are a direct cause of the physical ailment or a contributing factor and the opposite is also true; a physical ailment can cause negative emotional patterns to form. Flower Essences are excellent modalities that target the subtle emotional body and help support us as we address changing those emotions that are hindering our wellbeing.

I use flower remedies both internally and on the body using the method of Flower Acupuncture which uses Bach Flower Remedies topically on specifically aligned acupuncture points to move the stagnant emotional patterns that need to be changed. This method can be used on it's own topically with no needling or in conjunction with acupuncture needles. 

Flower Acupuncture (without needling) is a wonderful alternative to those who are needle sensitive.

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Mariana Kurko L.Ac, 2018