"Sacred Adventure" Life Coaching

Making change is something many of us want in often in several areas of our lives, but making change is tough and not so straight forward. I am constantly learning and studying how to make change in my own life.

One thing I've learned with myself and with clients is that information is not enough. We can know the best diets, know the right exercise, read all the books, take the online courses, hire practitioners and get their prescriptions, but information alone isn't sufficient.

Repeated social interaction, making things tangible, personalizing support, these types of things and more are what help us make the changes we want in our lives. 

"Sacred Adventure" refers to one tool I'm practicing that helps put a framework around change. It's a universal mythic symbolic map that helps us identify where we are on the change journey. By knowing where are we can be more empowered to take the next or to understand why we are stuck and what to do about it. 

I am practicing using a combination of life and health coaching skills, based in Motivational Interviewing skills, along with the mythic universal heroes journey map.

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Mariana Kurko L.Ac, 2018